Entrepreneurship Takes Radical Courage | 34 Lessons

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For many years I danced around the title of “entrepreneur”.

There was a deep sense that I would one day build my own thing and work for myself.

I often got stuck on the money piece. Then my self-confidence would waiver.
However, there was never a shortage of ideas.

It wasn’t until I wrote my first business plan in 2006 that I actually felt that I could be an entrepreneur.

Right after writing that business plan, my computer was lost in a move and instead of fighting back, I opted into a blueprint of corporate ladder climbing for the next eight years.

I remember the palpable feeling of heartbrokenness when I lost that business plan.

Fast forward to 2011, when I launched a craft blog turned business and started to nurture my entrepreneurial spirit. For five years I taught people how to document their lives through pictures + words. It was my passion for a long time and it was also a place where it quickly became evident that I was playing small.

In 2014, I hired my first business coach and got to the real truth :: I was a coach. I had been coaching friends, peers, coworkers, employees and random strangers. I was coaching at every turn of my day in and out of the office. I was coaching in the craft store. I was coaching in the dentist office. I was perpetually spreading inspiration, positivity, and compassion.

Coaching, writing, speaking - these were all things that were my passion.

I decided to build my coaching practice. I started honing my coaching skills. Built out my offering. Got a mentor and kept on keeping on.

I launched my coaching practice in 2015 and then….crickets.

I had no idea what I was doing and was forced to take a hard look at myself and my life.

Who was in my corner?
How was I spending my time?
What was holding me back from doing this?

That hard look made me put my coaching practice on hiatus while I cleared up years of self-abandonment. I got a therapist and started to hunt down the root cause for my chronic hives and endless fatigue with a doctor outside the American HealthCare system. 

What I stumbled upon was eye-opening. My body was shutting down on me.
I realized that hardly anything in my life resonated with me.
I didn’t like my full-time job.
I wasn’t happy in my marriage.
I felt like I was dying.
I was surrounded by people that complain all the time.
I felt out of place in my own home.
Mostly, I did like the me I had become.

The more and more healing I did with my body the more clear the path became.
In 2016, I quit my job, released myself from my marriage and began to reclaim my identity.

I chose freelancing over corporate and kept my eye on the prize :: relaunching my own coaching practice.

I share all of this to say, I made it happen.

Entrepreneurship takes radical courage.

It requires you to take leaps of faith. 

It demands you get uncomfortable.
It insists you develop self-discipline.
It wants you to taste the bittersweetness of sacrifice.

It forces you to get real about your own bullshit AND get over yourself
It’s not a straight line.

It’s not perfect. Far from it.

You won’t find pictures of me in my bikini on a beach pretending that owning and operating my own coaching practice is something ANYONE can do.

I’m convinced that being an entrepreneur, and even a coach, isn’t something you are nurtured into.
It’s in our blood. Wrapped in our DNA.
It becomes imperative to keep building businesses as it is to breath.
And we do it because it lights us up to see other people shifted and impacted by our work.

Entrepreneurship takes radical courage.
Radical courage takes faith.
Faith requires surrender.
Surrender is the path to freedom.