Where You Are is Not Who You Are | 34 Lessons

This poem + photo is by  @nayyirah.waheed

This poem + photo is by @nayyirah.waheed

When you allow and surrender to the unfolding of your life, you’ll deeply feel that where you are is not who you are.

These, instead, are simply circumstances. Conditions. Situations.

And like your emotions, while it might not seem it, they are fluid.

They come and they go. Fleeting.

Like waves hitting the shore, and pulling back out to the sea.

The work and practice is being who you are in the face of all of these shifting tides.

Letting endurance, perseverance resilience, and integrity be your guides and faith be the wind in your sails - that each moment is unfolding as it should.

You can feel your feelings and still not be defined by your circumstances.

Let Go.