Seeking Support is Self Care | 34 Lessons

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Are you afraid to ask for what you need?⁣

⁣Often we are told that asking for support or help is a sign of weakness.⁣

⁣I am here today to remind you that asking for support is a form of self care.⁣

I remember the first time I realized that I needed more support than what my friends and family could offer me.⁣

I was working with the Al-Anon program, recovering from heartbreak of navigating addiction of family members, friends that didn't survive their addiction, and leaving an ex-fiancee that was living a double life.⁣⠀

I thought that I could make it through on my own insight and self-work. ⁣But it was clear it wasn't working⠀

I often found myself lashing out on the people around me that were trying to help.⁣⠀

⁣My drinking was out of control. ⁣

My life had become unmanageable in the smallest insidious ways.⁣

It was 2008 and I realized that I needed to get help from a professional or else my emotional wounds were going to keep me bleeding all over the people that I loved.⁣

I saw the writing on the wall - this was only going to get worst.⁣

The deepest act of self-reliance I've demonstrated over the years is rising up to ask for support, help, insight, guidance. ⁣

I've got a whole team of therapists, coaches and healers that aid me along the path.⁣⠀

The truth is that the antidote to shame you might feel in asking for help is being open to receiving that support.⁣

You don't have to suffer in silence. ⁣

Our mistakes, our imperfections are signs of our humanity.⁣

Our ability to ask for help is evidence of our self-reliance.⁣

⁣Accepting personal responsibility for what is or is not working in your life will free you up to seek support and grow stronger on your journey.⁣