Mindset is the Heartbeat of Success | 34 Lessons

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If we are in a virtual meeting room or an axe throwing arena, you will likely hear me say this exact sentence - Mindset is the heartbeat of success.

Integrating this lesson into my moment to moment living has been my focus in 2019.

I feel the difference and experience different results when I keep my thoughts focused on where I want to be rather than where I am in my current conditions and circumstances.

You’ve got to believe you can do something - that the possibility exists, that you could have exactly what you want.

Then you’ve got to get into the emotion of already having it in your awareness.

This means you double down on a strong sense of self-worth, heaping doses of self-compassion and find the balance between discipline in your thoughts and actions and surrender in handing over to source energy or your higher power, what is out of your control.

Let’s look at an axe throwing example... If you stand at a target with your axe for the first time and believe you’ll never hit the board, the likelihood of you hitting the board has drastically reduced in this moment.

Visualization is the first step to manifesting.

Feeling you are worthy of your desires.

Taking action without attachment.

This is all mindset work.

You are the culmination of your beliefs.

A belief is simply a thought you’ve chosen over and over and over and over again.

Change your thoughts, change your beliefs and then your life will change too.

t’s done mostly internally as you choose intentionally in each moment to bring your awareness back to what you want, what is right in front of you.

Commit to a the practice of mindful living.
Lean into your fears.
Bend into the discomfort.
Choose differently.

Choose YOU.