Follow The Discomfort | 34 Lessons

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”If you don’t like change, you’ll enjoy irrelevance even less”
- Gen. Eric Shinseki⁣

Change is inevitable. 

We watch children grow and change. 

Seasons change. 

Our availability changes. 

The tides change in the ocean.⁣

We change subtly every day.⁣ Sometimes in every moment.

However as adults, we face the big change often with an attitude of fear or resistance. ⁣

We often complain, commiserate, and condemn our own evolution inside of ever changing circumstances.⁣

And often the reason we are changing is because we have desired more.
And we are simply on our way to that delicious future we’ve envisioned.⁣

Embrace the change or become irrelevant.

The quote above has always stayed with me because I’ve watched people I love stay exactly the same and ache and ail in misery. If they had simply embraced the shifts, becoming the waves, instead of simply riding them- conditions would have softened around them. ⁣

Your ego is what’s resisting the change. Not your spirit. ⁣

Resistance isn’t a state of being. It’s a sign that you are out of alignment. ⁣

Follow the discomfort.⁣ 

Lean in.⁣

Shed fear and replace it with strong belief that your healing and your transformation is a road map to your own greatness.

Doing “The Work” will require you get way out of your comfort zone.

On the other side of your discomfort is everything you desire.

Follow the discomfort. Embrace the change.
Transform your life.