Compete Against Yourself | 34 Lessons

Author Unknown - Source:: Pinterest

Author Unknown - Source:: Pinterest

At the  start of 2019 I began  showing up against the TRUE competition...MYSELF.

By January, so much had changed and traveling for 6-months put a lot of things into perspective for me.

The competition I faced wasn’t against other people or circumstances.

I decided to take a deep look in the mirror.
I decided to make major sacrifices.
I decided to own all the light and shadow.
I decided to get over myself.
I decided to stop making excuses.
I decided to do whatever it took #NoMatterWhat to make my dreams reality.

This is no easy work and why so many people stay in modes of low vibrational emotions like complaining and blaming. We tend to look outside of ourselves for solutions or measure ourselves against other people.

Transformation requires integration with deep hard truths.

This one is the deepest of them all - Compete against your own ego.

Compete against yourself if you want to revel in your greatness.