Meditation Fosters Spiritual Resilience | 34 Lessons

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Meditation has grown in popularity over the last 10-years.

I started meditating regularly after my body revolted against me in 2015. My physical vessel was in such a state of unrest, I was navigating releasing myself from my marriage, and I needed to ground myself and shut off the incessant thoughts spiraling through my mind.

I joined an app called Headspace and proceeded to do their introductory 10-minute for 10-days course. After that a friend took me to a Mindfulness Seminar at the University of Penn. It was clear to me that the benefits of slowing down were immense.

I started to feel the difference after a few morning sittings sessions.

Where there were once big spikes in emotions in my days, it seemed on days when I meditated there was less reacting and more going with the flow. Everything from a change in plans to unexpected traffic seemed to bother me less.

Meditation helped me foster spiritual resilience is super trying times.

As I emerged from my marriage and started on a healing journey, I would revisit meditation and always found some level of relief.

It wasn’t until 2019 that I committed myself to a daily meditation practice of no less than 15-minutes daily. For the past 90-days, I awarded myself the gift of meditation time-outs throughout the day. My meditation vary from sitting up, to standing to lying down anywhere from 15-minutes to an hour.

The power of meditation has helped transform my awareness.

I’m now able to connect to my breath more easily.

I no longer need to numb out my big feels.

I love myself and all of my human experience more.

I feel more grounded in the present moments.

If you have been curious about meditation, but think it’s too hard or that you couldn’t sit still for that long, I challenge you to try it for 10-minutes one day. And then the next.

How long can you go?

LIke me. you might surprise yourself.

It all starts with a decision to show up and push past the discomfort.

Quieting our minds and reconnecting to our bodies and our breath is the greatest act of self-love we can give to ourselves.