Decide To Get Over Yourself | 34 Lessons

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I was sitting in a Mastermind group, lamenting some stuckness I was experiencing when a fellow member, peer and friend gave me some sobering feedback ::

Decide to get over yourself.

As the words settled into my awareness, I knew this #RealTalk was exactly what I needed to hear.

It can be so easy to get wrapped up in fear, in worst case scenarios, in all the reasons why we shouldn’t risk, why we can’t make it work and the list goes on.

What’s not so easy is deciding to do it anyway.

When I decided to get over myself, I was able to face all the things I’d been diverting my attention from in many areas of my life.

I got into better relationship with Money.

I started treating my time like the limited and highly valuable resource that it was.

I stopped comparing myself to other people.

I felt all the fear and decided to do the damn thing anyway.

The most of human suffering that I witness seems to exist in our inability to decide.

When you decide to get over yourself ::

--You leave behind a fuck ton of worry that is simply holding you back

--You stop using your worst case scenarios to sabotage your best ideas and most passionate pursuits.

--You stop giving so many fucks about what everyone else will think

--You start living your life as your truest version of you

--You begin to love yourself simply as you are

--You no longer live in indecision of “what ifs” and “shoulda’s”

Deciding to get over yourself gives you the fortitude to keep going. It won’t be the last time you’ll likely need to have and heart-to-heart with yourself about moving on from the incessant merry-go-round of your inner critic.

Sometimes, it is even best to get up, look in the mirror and say ::

“We’re moving the fuck on.”

Then go.

Your future is rooting for you.

And so are we.

The world needs your energy and creations.