Boundaries Usher Breakthroughs | 34 Lessons

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The list of instances and moments that I had enact boundaries in the last year is longer than any years before.

Specifically I remember thinking, “I’ve finally got this boundary thing down.”

What I didn’t see coming was the near blinding radiance on the other side of up-ing my self-love game.

Boundaries usher breakthroughs.

Because you are no longer the type of person that has a high tolerance for other people’s bad behavior.

Boundaries help was stay kind. to ourselves. to others. to the world.

And on the other side of all that contraction - BRILLIANT EXPANSION.

Learning about boundaries has been one of the most transformative pieces of self-care and self-love that I’ve invited into my life in the last 10 years.

Boundaries are often hard to enact because they require us to look deeply at the old stories and patterns of how we have allowed ourselves to be treated and how we have consented to sharing our energy with other people.

Developing, communicating and enacting boundaries is big work, but the rewards of owning them are so transformative.

Your breakthroughs live on the other side of your strong boundaries.

By caring for yourself and communicating your needs, you make a divine invitation to the universe.

More of this, Please.

Less of this, Thank you.

Your boundaries usher breakthroughs via immense clarity and authentic kindness for yourself and in turn those around you.