Kindness Cultivates Connection | 34 Lessons

Kindness creates connection.

A few weeks after landing in St. Louis, I was without a place to live. The housing I had set up was no longer going to work. I also had a plane ticket and a 10-day trip to back to the east coast for weddings, documentary shoots with my bestie and closing up my apartment.

This is the porch + the soulster before we headed out for our 10 Day Tour back east.

This is the porch + the soulster before we headed out for our 10 Day Tour back east.

I remember I was sitting on the back porch of the house I would have to leave. Looking at the KIA Soul, with my arms open to the universe, in total surrender, I started reaching out to friends and began to open myself up to receiving help from people who were mere strangers just a few weeks prior.

A co-worker and friend offered to connect me with her mom where I could park the car and get parental TLC.

Friends from my coworking community were quick to offer couches and rooms.

And a friend I had met the day after I arrived, offered for me to leave all my things her apartment and she would car-sit for me while I travelled. This amazing human became like family to me.

Kindness cultivates connection.

When you show kindness or it’s sister emotions, compassion and empathy, you give the gift of deep rooted connection.

Kindness isn’t about the size of the genture. It’s simply the action of transferring the energy of love from your heart to another person’s heart.

It’s saying, “I see you. I feel you. You matter.”

Then you can mirror that same love on yourself.

And the connection to your inner being and source grows stronger.

In giving we receive. and in giving kindness we create a connection, maybe not always to that person, but at the very least to our inner being and our true nature which is unconditional love.