Integrity Can Solve Most Moral Dilemmas | 34 Lessons

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Welcome to my 34 Lessons in 34 Days Blog Project - DAY ONE!

We’re kicking off this journey with a topic that has been front and center for me over the past few years.

Integrity became a bigger focus for me as soon as I hit the road in 2018 for a big move to the Midwest.

I felt like we cracked a bottle of champagne of the back of my KIA Soul and I was off.

A rainbow I witnessed as a lesson on integrity sunk in last year in St, Louis.

A rainbow I witnessed as a lesson on integrity sunk in last year in St, Louis.

That is where the camera shuts off. The story goes on.

I landed in St. Louis not knowing many people.

Integrity and living it, became my compass in a land of entirely new humans.

With me, trust is not earned, it’s given. And integrity was a tool for me to stay in alignment with my core values and assure that I was inviting people into my own awareness as the same.

It’s not a fool proof way to live, but it certainly did help me in identify, embrace and navigate scenarios and conditions that worked to pull my attention away from feeling my best.

In her book “Rising Strong”, Brené Brown defines integrity as such ::

“Integrity is choosing courage over comfort;

choosing what is right over

what is fun, fast, or easy;

and choosing to practice our values

rather than simply professing them.”

In business, in life, in relationships, and even in my conversations with myself, keeping with integrity has aided me in moving in the direction of my true purpose because it bumps me up against some of the most real fear that is out there - standing in my own power and professing my values.

When we start living in integrity with our desired values and feelings, the people, places and things that no longer serve us tend to begin to remove themselves from our lives

Integrity isn’t without sacrifice.

It’s the sacrifice of the former you, to the new shiney version of who are becoming.