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The reward is in the journey.
We can set it aflame,
and from the ashes we rise.

Hey!  I'm Meg...

If you trace the line of my experiences over the last ten years or so, it won't be a straight a line. It's more reminiscent of a kindergartener trying to color a picture with one stroke across the page. Zig-zaggy and maybe unwieldy, yet entirely and uniquely my own journey. I took a blueprint that I thought was designed specifically for me and tried to force myself inside of it for too long. I pushed my way through University to graduate in four years - a shining accomplishment for anyone navigating higher education these days. I leaped into corporate America in my own way piecing together the money I needed to make it work. Many hiring managers pegged me a "Job Hopper" making it incredibly challenging to get hired from a regular application management system. I much more preferred the label of Opportunity Seeker. And so it was, from sports and entertainment to media and communications, back across to marketing and sales, I stitched together a life and career that seemed pegged by continuous professional growth and capitalized off of a robust network of personal and professional connections.

In the eyes of my friends and family, I had everything I could possibly want - a house, a career, a husband, a cat, two cars, a small side business and a pretty rad Facebook timeline. 

Outside - I had seemingly curated my best life.

Inside of me, something wasn't connecting.

I felt a calling deeper than the work I was currently creating in the world.

At the age of 25, I committed to launching my own business and that I did - teaching storytelling and memory keeping classes. Paper crafts were my jam - I had so much fun and felt so honored to hold creative space for so many women.

But that higher calling kept ringing the line of my intuition.

I closed my crafting business in 2016, when the rubber met the road and my body started to fail me. And here is where shit gets real - once your human vessel starts to retaliate against you, it's super clear that big shifts are in store. Little did I know my entire life was about to change in ways I hadn't planned for or envisioned.

In January of 2016, I found myself back a job that I left almost four years earlier trying to save a marriage that I feared lacked a sincere partnership, navigating severe distress in my entire body. I had been experiencing allergic reactions and hives all over my body for almost six-months. After countless doctors visits and a total lack of support from the American healthcare system, I found myself at rock bottom looking for answers. I decided to put myself into therapy and start taking matters into my own hands. I ditched my "in-network" doctors and went to a  concierge practice that focused on healing my root causes as opposed to treating my symptoms.

I got a diagnosis of Hashimotos Thyroiditits coupled with a host of food allergies - Milk, Eggs, Gluten and Nuts - we call this the MEGaN Free diet - which led to intense clarity and restored balance to my body. After getting back on my feet, I started to navigate the untangling of emotional baggage of divorce and transformation. In less than six months I'd had a severe health setback, left my job, moved out of my home and began the process of clearing out a 2,300 Sq. Foot house that had become a graveyard of my past life. It took months of gathering friends, sorting, and really being present with the deep emotional weight of separating my life from someone I had lived with and loved for almost 10-years. I called in the support from my community and my guides and eventually it all came together. Over 2017, I sold the house, finalized divorce, changed my name back, moved again and started to accept responsibility for the years of financial distress of years of fiscal mismanagement. When I thought I had really landed on my two feet, I realized there was still one thing left to complete - my transition to work in a way that honored my true calling.

It was August of 2017 when I finally drew a line in the sand and left corporate America. I rooted into coaching as a full time endeavor. I've felt called to serve as an usher and guide for other creatives that are navigating similar transformations I have from careers and relationships to addiction and spirituality. When I traded in the early morning alarm clocks for living life on my own time and in my own pace, doors and opportunities started to open up for me. It was in this space that I was presented with the gift of stillness. The ability to honor sacred time with my higher self to invest in the deep work of healing years of emotional trauma. 

I launched the Rising Together podcast in 2018 as a tribute to each of our own individual journey's on this physical plane. A lifelong storyteller, holding space for other people to share their path of traversing some of the most challenging and heartbreaking experiences in the world has been a complete humbling experience. I feel so grateful to share each of these amazing humans with you so that we can expedite each other's learning and celebrate our collective resilience. 

If you are stuck or struggling or simply looking for a creative cheerleader - you have found your match. My work is focused on helping you navigate your life while honoring the call to create impact and unleash your creative greatness into the world. 

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Passionate. Versatile. Ambitious. Friendly. Anything you’d want in a creative accomplice, you’d find in abundance in Megan Collier.
— Kevin Gunn, Creative Director

Work Experience

  • Life + Business Coach

  • Creativity Ambassador

  • World Traveling Juggler

  • Axe Throwing Coach

  • Digital Marketing Director

  • Tour Guide for the Philadelphia Eagles

  • Art Studio Director

  • Summer Camp Counselor

  • Bookseller

  • Memory Keeper + Scrapbook Consultant

  • Office Manager

  • Voiceover Talent

  • Client and Customer Relations Specialist

  • Inbound Marketing Specialist

  • Sales + Marketing Professional

  • Grocery Bagger

  • Hostess and Server

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