Ready to start shining?

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This little light of mine…

I've always known I was an innovator, someone a little different than everyone else. As a kid, it often felt like a burden. As a thirty-something, it is liberating as all get out. And the truth - I'm a Light Summoner. A mentor and coach on a mission to help summon your inner light and polish your shine.

My deep calling is to  help outrageous humans cut the bullshit and start bringing their light, passion and purpose to the world. By showing up, standing up, and stepping out you can  gain deep self-awareness, embrace our next chapter, develop habits for lasting work-joy, and share your light with the world.


Megan helped me embrace and own my abilities and talents while giving me the courage and strength to use them. She pushed me out of my comfort zone so I could start to create success - on my own terms. Megan’s boundless energy, joy and enthusiasm helped me focus on what I wanted out of life instead of dwelling on what wasn’t currently working. She took my hand and guided me on how to achieve happiness and fulfillment in anything I choose to do. If you are stuck or need clarity on any transition you are navigating,
Megan is the coach for you!
— Kathy Merritt


What is Be The BEacon?

Life is full of adventures and chasing your dreams and honoring your soul's contract shouldn't be any different. 

Be The Beacon  is a 9-week journey to help you build a soulful intention-filled life with work and projects that light you up and usher your greatness into the world.

This is a program for spiritual renegades, love warriors, change makers, movers and shakers wherever you are at on the path.